Department of Basic Education Teacher Assistant Posts Open

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The Department of Basic Education has released the applications for the second phase of its teaching assistant jobs. The first phase of the program ended in April.

According to a statement released on September 26, the applications for the second phase 4 of the program will close on October 16, 2022.

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287 000 Opportunities

The second phase of the program, which is part of the President’s Youth Employment Initiative, aims to provide over 287,000 jobs for unemployed young people.

The number of candidates for the second phase of the program is expected to be around 192,000. There will be around 95,000 general teacher assistants and 19,000 teacher assistants.

The Ministry of Education is currently accepting applications from young people aged 18 to 35 who are not currently enrolled in any form of training or education. Also, those with disabilities and women are eligible to participate.

The goal of the internship is to provide participants with the necessary skills to be successful in their future careers.

The following teaching assistant posts are available, according to the Department of Basic Education:

• Curriculum Education Assistant
• ICT / e-Managers Teaching Assistant
• Reading Champions Teaching Assistant
• General school assistance – Child and adolescent protection agency
• General tutoring – maintenance personnel (no matrix required).
• Sports and Enrichment Manager: School General Assistant (no matrix required).

To be considered for a teaching assistant position, the candidate must have passed the Matrix English exam. Besides this, a certificate of NQF level 4 or 6 is also required.

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A school assistant can be qualified to work as a generalist school support or sports and enrichment agent without having to have a secondary school education.

The Department of Education said that candidates should have the necessary skills to work in education. These include good communication skills, a passion for academics, and good listening abilities.

How to register?

To apply for a teaching assistant position, you must first register on and create a profile. According to the ministry, all applications will be handled online. Visits to schools will not be allowed.

In a tweet today, September 26,  The Department of Basic Education explained the various criteria that applicants should follow.

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