Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

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Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024
Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

Apply Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024 Are you ready to launch your career in process engineering with a global leader in the consumer goods industry? Unilever, renowned for its excellence in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, is offering an incredible opportunity through their Process Engineering Internship program. Situated at the Lordsview Factory in Johannesburg, Gauteng, this internship is a golden chance for recent graduates to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting. In this post, we’ll explore the details of the Process Engineering Internship, including key responsibilities, requirements, application process, and the immense benefits this role can offer for your professional growth.

Overview of the Process Engineering Internship

Job Title: Process Engineering Internship
Location: Lordsview Factory, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Date Posted: 3rd July 2024
Closing Date: 12th July 2024

As a Process Engineering Intern at Unilever, you’ll be instrumental in advancing factory operations towards achieving World Class Manufacturing standards. Unilever’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each intern can significantly contribute to enhancements in safety, quality, cost efficiency, customer service, and logistics.

Main Responsibilities of the Process Engineering Intern

The Process Engineering Internship at Unilever is meticulously designed to immerse you in the core functions of process engineering and manufacturing excellence. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Learning and Development:
  • Training and Assessments: Fulfill all learnership requirements, including attending training sessions, completing assessments, and finalizing projects. You will also be required to maintain a logbook of your activities and deliver presentations as needed.
  • Focused and Quality Improvement: Apply various Focused and Quality Improvement methods to address and counteract losses in different operational areas. This involves using tools and techniques to drive improvements in Safety, Quality, Cost Deployment, Customer Service, and Logistics.
  1. Practical Experience:
  • Daily Interactions: Collaborate directly with line crews to understand and enhance production processes. You will act as a technical trainer, guiding team members in identifying phenomena, performing root cause analyses, and establishing effective countermeasures.
  • Process Validation: Validate process improvements and establish revised operational conditions on the production line. A key goal is to eliminate losses and waste while increasing the stability of production lines to support the transition from traditional line teams to semi-autonomous teams.
  1. Compliance and Safety:
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Follow SOP procedures diligently within the assigned operations to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • Site Rules: Adhere to all site rules related to personal and operational safety, as well as Unilever’s Code of Business Principles.

Key Requirements for the Process Engineering Internship

To be considered for this prestigious opportunity, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Qualification: A completed degree or National Diploma in Chemical Engineering is essential.
  • Computer Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word is necessary for effective documentation and presentation of data and findings.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills in English are required to interact with team members, present findings, and contribute to the improvement process.

How to Apply for the Process Engineering Internship

If you meet the qualifications and are eager to apply, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Documents:
  • Update your CV to reflect your academic achievements and any relevant experience.
  • Ensure you have a copy of your Qualification Certificate and ID ready for submission.
  1. Submit Your Application:
  • Apply via the Unilever careers page by the closing date, 12th July 2024. Ensure that all required documents are attached to avoid disqualification.
  1. Application Follow-Up:
  • If you do not hear from Unilever within 14 days of applying, please consider your application as unsuccessful. Make sure you follow up with your application status if necessary.

Why Choose Unilever’s Process Engineering Internship?

Unilever’s Process Engineering Internship offers more than just a job; it’s a gateway to a career in one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors of the global economy. Here are a few reasons why this internship is a standout opportunity:

  • Global Experience: Unilever is a globally recognized brand, providing you with exposure to international best practices in process engineering and manufacturing.
  • Career Development: The internship is designed to build your skills and prepare you for future roles in engineering and beyond.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Environment: Unilever is committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity. They encourage all individuals to bring their “Whole Self” to work, fostering an environment where diverse talents and perspectives are valued. Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

Unilever’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Unilever is a forward-thinking organization that places a strong emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. They believe that a diverse workforce is essential for driving innovation and achieving business success. As part of their commitment, Unilever supports applicants from all backgrounds and encourages you to reach out for any necessary accommodations during the application process.

The Process Engineering Internship at Unilever’s Lordsview Factory in Johannesburg is a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates to launch their careers in process engineering. With a focus on practical experience, continuous learning, and professional development, this internship is designed to help you gain valuable skills and make a meaningful impact on Unilever’s manufacturing operations.

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Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024
Unilever’s Engineering Internship 2024

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