LLISA Internship Programme: Procurement – Secunda

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Programme: Procurement – Secunda



COUNTRY South Africa

business presentation
Air Liquide, a global leader in gases, technologies, and services for industry and health, has around 64,500 workers worldwide and serves more than 3.8 million clients and patients. Small molecules like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen are necessary for life, matter, and energy. Since the company’s founding in 1902, they have served as the center of operations and represent the scientific domain of Air Liquide.

The goals of Air Liquide are to be a market leader, provide long-term performance, and promote sustainability, with a strong focus on combating climate change and advancing the energy transition at the core of its business plan.

Description of the entity and activity
This is for the internship program position. Procurement and Projects at ALLI and ALLISA are two Support jobs where the program is based on a 6 to 12 month training term.

You will be evaluated every three months to show off the skills you have developed and to identify the areas that still need work. Upon being deemed competent at the conclusion of the training term, you will be qualified to apply for open positions, provided that there are any openings.

responsibilities and missions
Acquire knowledge of and a thorough understanding of the ALLISA value chain, including Supply Chain and Project Management, the product and applications, test procedures, and testing equipment, within the context of the discipline.
Support and abide by directives to carry out our operations, design, engineering, development of our process, modification of the process, or equipment in accordance with reliable established engineering principles and standards of the business requirements
Support the execution of a small multidisciplinary project’s engineering scope of work
Recognize the significance of integration and planning
Recognize where our business unit fits into the wider AIL LIQUIDE value chain’s Hub.

As you gain information, develop a solid understanding of your discipline. You should also have a solid understanding of the process equipment.
know how to define business risks, use risk assessment techniques, and assess job-specific hazards.
Apply safety standards to project planning and execution, and always consider costs.
abide by ALLISA’s requirements for the caliber of the work and the completion dates
Find any opportunities for optimization
evaluate initiatives, ideas, and revisions using technical and economic criteria.

Qualifications and Profile

Education: Diploma or degree in procurement and supply

Applicants that reside within our line of communities will be given preference.
There will be a need for proof of residence.
Interviews will be conducted.
medical and physical evaluations
security authorization
Verification of qualifications
legal driving license
rationality of thought
abilities to solve problems
knowledge about computers

Additional information

Please note that ALLISA is a separate entity from all current Air Liquide entities in South Africa and reports directly to the AMEI Hub, with its own set of policies and procedures as well as compensation structure.  All these positions are based in Secunda

go to this link and apply https://www.airliquide.com/



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