Department Of Public Works Learnerships 2022- 2023

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The Department of Public Works focuses to help the filling of positions in all fields considered scarce, they offer youthful, skilled competitors the possibility of working inside these fields. With these Department of Public Works Learnerships 2022- 2023, the department can now additionally support an accomplished workforce. They additionally advance the monetary development of the country with these learnerships.

These learnerships offer all South Africans an equivalent opportunity to figure out how the work environment capacities. Their decisions are not in view of variables like religion, race or orientation. They are searching for youthful people who show surprising capacities scholastically, with an excitement to learn and dig into their lives.

Effective competitors will approach training, active experience and can gain from the best proficient in each field. Assuming you are keen on any of the fields referenced beneath, or any of the known scant fields, kindly read-on.

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Department of Public Works Learnerships Available

These fields of study are made accessible by the Department yearly, some might rely upon the need inside the Department, and there may also be different fields available.

Applicants keen on any of the accompanying scant fields of study might apply:

Town Planning
Provincial Planning
Civil Engineering
Building Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Circuit tester
Electrical Engineering
Cooling and Refrigeration
Development Management
Building Science
Amount Surveying
Resource Management
Information Technology
Boiler making


Applications should incorporate confirmed duplicates of all documentation and should guarantee they finished the application completely, as well as sign it. It is recommended that applicants additionally incorporate a Curriculum Vitae and introductory letter with their application. Requirements will contrast, contingent upon the profession way, yet there are a few fundamental requirements.

Applicants will require the accompanying for most Learnerships:

You should hold a valid Matric Certificate
Applicants should be a South African resident with a valid ID Document
All applicants should be computer educated
Applicants should be capable in English (speak, read and write)
Applicants should hold a degree or diploma in the field applying for
Applicants should be unemployment
All applicants must be between 18 and 25 years of age
Should not have been essential for another learnership

Applicants with the it are liked to follow ascribes:

Ready to comply with time constraints
Functions admirably under tension
Can work autonomously
Functions admirably as a feature of a group
Incredible arranging abilities
Incredible getting sorted out abilities
Systematically orientated
Incredible exchange abilities
Detail orientated

Competitors from explicit communities or recently hindered foundations will get inclination.

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Department of Public Works online learnerships applications isn’t available. Applicants might track down applications at their local department office, and furthermore return the finished structure with expected documentation to a similar office. The division may likewise publicize these learnerships through notices in papers, vocation shows, radio telecom or even by visiting instructive foundations. Applicants are approached to kindly guarantee that all reports are replicated and affirmed. Kindly don’t send your unique records with the application.

The accompanying records should go with your application:

Inspiration Letter
ID Document of Student
ID Document of guardians/parents
Confirmation of monetary need
Admission letter from Institute of Higher Learning
Scholarly Records
Grade 12 Certificate
Progress Reports (where material)

Applicants should if it’s not too much trouble, guarantee that the application structure is finished in clear composition. All fields should be completed, and the application signed by the applicants. In view of the great measure of utilizations they get yearly, just the individuals who have qualified will be reached. The Department asks that applicants please not get in touch with them.

Just shortlisted competitors will be evaluated. No late applications will be thought of, or applications missing a mark, documentation or are not finished completely. Applicants who have not had any correspondence following 60 days from shutting date, can accept their application was ineffective. These learnerships might be for a term of a year to 2 years. For more data applicants can visit their website and a large number of the territories have their own learnership opportunities as well.

Department of Public Works Learnerships Closing Date: 15 May 2022

Applications generally close during August every year, consequently, intrigued applicants should guarantee their applications are in before the closing date. The thought with these learnerships is to support the balancing out of the economy and advance development inside South Africa. These learnerships help with mitigating the deficiency of scant skills and advance abilities improvement across all fields.

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